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Philippine College of Surgeons Collaborates with Menarini on Latest Developments in Surgery and Post-Operative Pain Management

Dr. Lim, Dr. Dizon, Dr. Nilo, Ms. Belle Gonzales from A. Menarini Philippines, Prof. Montero-Matamala, and Dr. Lasala pose after the call-to-action activity.

For their 74th Annual Clinical Congress, the Philippine College of Surgeons (PCS) worked together with Menarini Academy in organizing their scientific sessions.  The society held their convention at the EDSA Shangri-la Hotel on December 2-5, 2018 with the theme ‘Resolving Conflicts in Surgery: From the Basic to the Complex’.

“We are pleased to collaborate with A. Menarini in achieving our shared goal of providing high-quality continuing professional development opportunities to Filipino surgeons, which is key to enhancing surgical management and patient care,” PCS Vice President Dr. George Lim said.  

Menarini Academy, an initiative of A. Menarini, is rooted in the company’s long-term mission of partnering with healthcare professionals to provide high-value continuing medical education for the advancement of patient care. “The Menarini Academy is privileged to partner with the PCS in providing Filipino surgeons with updates on cutting-edge techniques such as robotics surgery applied to the surgical management of patients,” Dr. Grace Nilo, Medical Affairs Director of A. Menarini Philippines, added.

The media briefing on PCS’ partnership with Menarini Academy was on the third day of the congress (December 4), wherein Dr. Alfred Lasala moderated the event. PCS President Dr. Alejandro Dizon talked about how the society provided quality and safe surgical care for over eight decades, as the PCS is celebrating their 82nd anniversary this year.

“It’s the responsibility of any physician or any specialist to know of what these new things are, and of course as an organization, it is our commitment and our responsibility to provide all the specialists in surgery the venue for them to learn these,” he said.  

Dr. Lim added to the discussion on how to become a fellow of the PCS. He explained that it is a painstaking process that will take over a decade to finish. He assures patients that physicians who have FPCS after their title are under the hands of a safe and competent surgeon.

The scientific sessions feature experts to deliberate on the latest breakthroughs in surgery, such as Professor Antonio Montero-Matamala, MD. The pain specialist from Lleida, Spain discussed the problems in post-operative pain management, which can be resolved through a multimodal approach. An example is the new fixed-dose combination of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and opioid that can achieve a better control of pain after surgery. It also has no complications with other drug interactions. This approach improves the benefit of synergistic mechanisms that can be achieved through a powerful combination that can address a multifaceted medical condition such as pain, thereby reaching therapeutic endpoints.

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