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PhilCare Caters to the Healthcare Needs of Underserved Filipinos with their Latest Prepaid Health Cards

Mary Rose N, Pontejos, Head of Sales Marketing Support (first from right), Christian Cristobal, SVP of Sales and Marketing (fifth from right), and Dr. Alfonso R. Sahagun Sr., Chief Medical Executive of Philcare (sixth from right) join the media in a photo op.

The need for inclusive healthcare continues, which PhilCare has taken action in the form of their newest prepaid health card offerings. The multi-service Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) introduced VidaCare and ER Health Assist to the media last November 21, 2018 at STI Holdings Center in Makati City.

“There are two specific segments of society that are more likely to need healthcare than others, these are the elderly, and those who work at menial jobs. Ironically, these are the two segments of society that have the least access to healthcare coverage. We thought that for us to truly say that we offer inclusive healthcare, that we really need to reach out to these underserved Filipinos by providing accessible quality health coverage,” Christian Cristobal, PhilCare Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing, said.

VidaCare is ideal for the elderly above 60 years old who are usually not covered in most HMOs. This service comes in two plans:  VidaCare Core offers unlimited medical and dental consultation and diagnostic and laboratory fees for outpatient procedures at select PhilCare clinics, while VidaCare Premiere adds a PHP 20,000 hospitalization benefit. They are priced at 11,120 and 13,270 pesos respectively.

ER Health Assist is designed for lower income individuals. For as low as 1,670 pesos, ER Health Assist offers a full year of unlimited medical consultation at PhilCare’s MOA and Makati Clinics, dental consultations at any PhilCare-accredited network of dentists, and a one-time emergency benefit. Employers can also gift this card to them as an added value to their services. “For many Filipinos and even those who live in the Philippines, kasambahays aren’t just employees, they are extended family, and a lot of Filipino families would give these perks if they could afford to. With ER Health Assist, it is now very possible to give health coverage to kasambahays on top of the mandatory government benefits,” Cristobal added.

Both VidaCare and ER Health Assist are valid for one year after their respective cards have been registered within three months. Give the gift of health to those who need it the most with these prepaid cards, which are now available online.

For more details or information about PhilCare’s products, go to shop.philcare.com.ph.

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