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Philips Introduces Lumify – the Accessible and Affordable Ultrasound Solution to Healthcare Professionals

From L-R: Dr. Marilou De Vera, Dr. Jun Sasil, Ashwin Chari, Dr. Michael Obispo, and Fr. Bede Hechanova

Ready when you are – that’s what Philips’ Lumify promises as a portable ultrasound solution compatible with Android devices. The launch for this product, which is now available for registered and licensed healthcare professionals, was held at the New World Hotel Makati last November 20, 2018.

Lumify is the first Philips ultrasound device for pre-hospital use and supports clinical applications including cardiac, abdominal including lung, OB/GYN, superficial, vascular, soft tissue, MSK, gallbladder and FAST exam pre-sets. Ashwin Chari, General Manager of Philips Health Systems in the Philippines, describes this app-based mobile ultrasound solution as the ‘stethoscope of the future’ that offers tools to make necessary interventions. “At Philips, we understand the importance of designing quality technological health equipment for healthcare practitioners and patients at point-of-care. This is particularly important in the Philippines where care solutions are widespread geographically and that’s why we’re so excited to be launching Lumify in this market – putting high-quality devices in the hands of more professionals, to serve more patients in more locations,” he added.

There are three simple steps in using the device: HCPs download the Philips Lumify App on Google Play, connect their Philips transducer to their compatible smart device, and launch to scan with the exceptional quality of Philips’ imaging technology. Lumify offers this imaging expertise with three transducers: L12-4 broadband linear array, C5-2 broadband curved array, and S4-1 broadband phased array.

Doctors who had used Lumify shared their experiences with it, such as Dr. Marilou U. De Vera, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Cardinal Santos Medical Center; Dr. Michael Obispo, Sports Physiatrist, Osteopath, and Musculoskeletal Sonologist at Cardinal Santos Medical Center; and Dr. Roy M. Sasil Jr., President of PHA Northern Mindanao Chapter.

All of them spoke highly on the portability of Lumify but Dr. Obispo lauded the resolution of the images it captures. In his practice of musculoskeletal structure, it is very important to find important details such as miniscule nerves. The images can also be printed from the device, which means patients can also get a copy of their ultrasound.

Rev. Fr. Bede Hechanova, Director of San Beda College, joined the speakers after the discussion. He shared that he wants to use Lumify for their partner community engagement program in Mountain Province.

Lumify is set to grow with its users, as there plans for software updates, additional transducers, and services and apps to be released regularly.

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