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Educational Experience on Children’s Growth and Development Awaits at Abbott’s PediaSure Plus #OhMyGrowth (OMG) Park

From L-R: Abbott Nutrition Medical Director Dr. Jun Dimaano, PediaSure mommy Suzette Go, Melissa Ricks, and Abbott Philippines Marketing Director Ajay Asrani

The first five years is a crucial window in a child’s life for bone growth, with 60% of a child’s adult height attributed to grow at this stage. However, this is also the time when a child is most likely to encounter barriers to growth such as poor nutrition, feeding difficulties, or frequent illnesses. It is important that parents make sure that their children get a complete and balanced nutrition as they grow so they can stay on track in achieving their full growth potential.

An oral nutritional supplement like PediaSure Plus can help fill in those nutritional gaps as it is clinically proven to support muscle and bone growth with its 37 growth nutrients and triple protein complex. “To support their overall growth and development, children require complete and balanced nutrition. PediaSure Plus provides essential macronutrients and micronutrients needed by a child to stay healthy and well-nourished. Its consistent use helps children meet their dietary requirements of key nutrients for growth. This is especially important because many Filipinos are deficient in nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin A and C – all needed to support the optimal growth of children,” Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr., Medical Director at Abbott, explains.

To help encourage parents to properly measure their children in order to recognize signs of nutritional inadequacy and keep their growth on track, Abbott has launched the PediaSure Plus #OhMyGrowth (OMG) Park across a number of locations in the Philippines. The park offers a fun and interactive experience for parents and children over three years old. Featuring height, weight, and immunity checkpoints, the park is designed to educate parents on their children’s nutrition and growth development while letting the kids enjoy fun-filled activities. The first roadshow launched in Festival Mall, Alabang on November 17, and will run from November to December.

Celebrity mom Melissa Ricks, with her three-year-old daughter Keira at the launch event, talked about the importance of ensuring optimum nutrition with PediaSure Plus. “It was hard to make sure Keira was getting all the nutrition she needs when she was growing up because of her food preferences. But she loves the taste of PediaSure Plus – especially the chocolate one! With her having that twice a day, I can rest assured that she’s getting the proper nutrition she needs for her health and growth development – boosting her height, weight, and immunity. It really helps me to make sure she is eating right, even on the busy days.”

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