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Novo Nordisk releases Insulin Degludec/Insulin Aspart (Ryzodeg) to the Philippines

The Philippines is the latest recipient of Novo Nordisk's Insulin Degludec/Insulin Aspart (Ryzodeg®). According to Rajan Kumar, the country's General Manager of Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, the Philippines is also the first Southeast Asian country to receive the new co-formulation insulin.  The Philippines now joins 12 other countries, such as Bangladesh, Japan, Mexico, and the Netherlands, in benefiting from the new and simple insulin intensification option.

The launch of Insulin Degludec/Insulin Aspart (Ryzodeg®) was held at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati City, where representatives from the global healthcare company and local medical industry professionals praised the new product.

Novo Nordisk's Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer, Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, shared how pleased he is that the new approach to diabetes management is now available in the country.

Insulin Degludec/Insulin Aspart (Ryzodeg®) is a combination of two distinct insulin analogs. The co-formulation has a ratio of 70% insulin degludec and 30% for insulin aspart. The product claims to reduce HbA1c (Hemoglobin A1c) and lowers the risk of hypoglycemia in adults with diabetes. It also does not require frequent daily injections than basal and mealtime insulin since it is a combination product.

“The innovative co-formulation of Insulin Degludec/Insulin Aspart (Ryzodeg®) offers clinical benefits to address barriers in the management of patients with diabetes. It has proved overall glycemic control while providing significant reductions in risk of hypoglycemia,” attests Novo Nordisk Regional Medical Advisor Dr. Arvind Vilas Gadekar.

Diabetes has become a global epidemic and that does not exclude us, Filipinos. International Diabetes Federation reported that 3.51 million Filipinos have diabetes in 2015. The chronic disease was predominant among adults aged 20 to 79 years old. The report also predicted that the Philippines might become one of the top ten countries with the highest prevalence of diabetes in the world by 2030.

With Insulin Degludec/Insulin Aspart (Ryzodeg®) now accessible in the Philippines, Kumar said that this shows the "solid commitment of Novo Nordisk in helping Filipino patients affected with diabetes live with as few limitations as possible."

Some members of the local medical industry, such as Dr. Bien Matawaran (Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, former president), Dr. Marcelo Lim (Institute for Studies on Diabetes, president) and Dr. Reynaldo Rosales (St. Luke’s Medical Center, endocrinologist), shared how the product worked on their patients.

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