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Five Common Illnesses Affecting Women The Nitty Gritty of Neuropathic PainBullying is Never Cool
Five Common Illnesses Affecting Women
There are hundreds of diseases that can affect a person and lead to serious health problems. ... read more
The Nitty Gritty of Neuropathic Pain
“Manhid, ngalay, kirot, parang may tumutusok” - these are just some of the complaints of patients with... read more
Bullying is Never Cool
Bullying is ever present in your child’s school and social circles, made more rabid nowadays with technology. ... read more
Socializing Tips for Children with Down Syndrome
In the Philippines, an estimate of one in every 800 babies born daily is eventually diagnosed with Down... read more
Cut It Out: A Mother's Guide to C-sections
Two of my three boys are of Caesarian birth. During my labor, Skyler, the middle child, had his... read more
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