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Cutaneous Effects of Too Much Alcohol Consumption

By: Clarisse VirginoCutaneous Effects of Too Much Alcohol Consumption

Have you ever wondered if your girl’s night out (with tons of booze) would affect your skin? Can another chug of beer actually be something you would regret the next day?

Just like how alcohol affects your stomach, alcohol also dehydrates the skin. If you notice, most drinkers would advise people to never forget to drink water when drinking alcohol. This is to keep one dehydrated and frankly, to avoid throwing up.

Over time, your drinking habit can also deprive your skin of some vitamins and nutrients leading to skin damage and disease. The skin disorder called rosacea, when one tends to blush easily when drinking, can actually lead to facial disfigurement.

Speaking of rosacea, another effect linked to it is puffiness. Drinking can cause inflammation inside one’s body and this quickly shows on the skin. It’s something you really can’t hide once you’ve had too much alcohol in your system.

Remember when people would tell you to avoid eating too much chocolate because, as the skin myth says, it will lead to breakouts? The same applies to alcohol as alcoholic drinks tend to be high in sugar. Habitual drinking will eventually lead to breakouts not just in the face, but it can also show on your back and other areas. The sugar in alcoholic drinks can lead to more dull skin; which is the opposite of what you dream of—plump and supple skin.

Too much alcohol can also screw your hormones. The sugar in alcohol can increase and trigger an insulin response in your body. This can have a negative effect on your thyroid glands which can get your hormones ‘shook’, leading to imbalance and skin problems.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can also decrease the microbiome in one’s gut. The microbiome is an important bacteria which helps in regulating the immune system. Decreasing or completely eradicating microbiome from your system can lead to serious immune system problems. One example would be experiencing difficulty in managing skin conditions like eczema, which highly relies on a strong immune system.

When you go out on a drinking spree and decide not to spare your liver, the body tries to process what you take in. After a couple of hours, your liver will release a byproduct called acetaldehyde. This is toxic to body tissues, which will then affect your skin’s suppleness. Hence, you look as dry as a leaf the next day.

So yes, binge drinking can also lead to premature aging—wrinkles, crow’s feet, and the like due to dehydration.

Alcohol can also dilate the pores of your skin. It will become a catch basin for dirt, which will lead to more blackheads and whiteheads. If this isn’t given much attention, it can progress to become cystic acne. In the long run, the bottles of beer you had can lead to permanent scarring.

While one must observe caution in drinking, there are drinks which are not as bad like tequila. Having too many tequila shots may make you dance without you noticing, but tequila has less sugar so it doesn’t really trigger inflammation and breakouts that much.

Beer, on the other hand, is quite bad especially if it has high alcohol content and is too carbonated. Try to balance it out with glasses of water so that you remain hydrated during a drinking session.

You might want to skip wine night though because wine, specifically white wine, contains too much sugar. This leads to systemic inflammation and could greatly affect your cells, causing cell damage. In a few years, you’ll notice signs of aging.

This might break your heart but red wine is considered to be the worst drink for your skin. Alcohol is a vasodilator, which can dilate the pores of your skin. Aside from that, it also releases histamine, which makes you look like a tomato on your wine night. Sometimes, even if you don’t have rosacea, red wine can make you look like you have it.

With all that, to answer our question—yes, excessive drinking can probably turn you into an ugly duckling—and an unhealthy one too.

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