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Hand Washing Basics

"Recommendations by the WHO"
By: Nicole BautistaHand Washing Basics

Clean hands are the result of the effective use of the sudsy matter that is soap. Successfully teach your kids how to properly wash their hands by learning how to properly wash your own hands first. Here is a simple but thorough hand washing guide formulated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and released as a diagram poster on May 2009:

1.  Wet your hands with warm or tepid water.

2.  Rub your hands with the bar of soap (or with a marble-size amount of liquid soap), and work it up to a lather.

3.  First, rub your hands together palm to palm; then, rub the back of your left hand with the palm of your right, interlacing the fingers. Do the same for the back of the right hand and the palm of the left.

4.  Put your two palms together again and interlace your fingers. Rub your hands together in an up-and-down movement.

5.  Clean the back of your fingers by balling your hands into fists and rubbing the fists together, palms inward.

6.  Scrub the skin around your thumb by wrapping your left thumb with your right hand and rubbing in a circular motion. Do the same for the right thumb.

7.  Get to the nails by “scratching” your right hand’s fingernails on your left palm, and doing the same for your left hand’s fingernails on the right palm.

8.  Rinse well. Use a towel to turn off the faucet and prevent getting the germs back on your hands. This whole process takes just 40-60 seconds!

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