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Cold Weather Fashion

"When it's raining and below 20 degrees Celsius outside, you?re less likely in the mood for couture."
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaCold Weather Fashion

We live in a tropical country. But for a few months each year, we experience the cold and wet season - which is, well…cold and wet.

This poses a problem for those who love their designer stiletto shoes and delicate lace dresses. When it’s raining and below 20 degrees Celsius outside, you’re less likely in the mood for couture. I bet you sometimes just want to wear a bulky old wool jacket with rubber slippers to work.

Should you ever feel this urge to do so – DON’T. There are other ways to still look like you walked out of a fashion magazine while keeping yourself dry and warm. Here are some tips:

  • Bring out the boots

No, not the utilitarian rain boots sold at the hardware store! I’m talking about those cute leather boots you bought last Christmas (which you never got to wear again because it was 36 degrees outside all year). Time to bring out the ultimate cold-weather fashion statement! Wear your boots over cuffed jeans, tight pantsor leggings. They’d look cute with an oversized sweater or cardigan for sure. You can even wear boots with your favorite dress! Yes, that’s right, even the girliest dress in your closet can suddenly look edgy if worn with a pair of leather boots.

  • Don’t go all black!

Yeah, I’m guilty of this one as well. Sometimes we feel that the rainy days call for boring dark-colored clothes just because the weather is uninspiring. But hey, if there’s no sun to brighten your day – bring out the joy with color in your clothes! A yellow top, for example, can offer an unexpected pop of color to an all-black attire.

  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize…

Even the drabbest wet season getup can suddenly turn chic and stylish if you know how to accessorize. Placing a belt over an oversized coat can emphasize the waist and instantly update any look. In fact, cinching your waist can make it look almost like you bought a brand new coat – there are huge savings for your right there! Bold earrings, goofy necklaces, or layering bracelets can also make a statement on an otherwise boring ensemble. Whimsical hats are also an in-thing nowadays among millennials, it certainly doesn’t seem like a bad idea for Gen-Xers, right?

  • Layer up!

You don’t actually need to buy a new coat or jacket to fight the cold, you can stay warm and cozy (and practically fashionable) with the same old clothes you own… just learn how to layer. Start with the inner wear – you can choose a basic sleeveless top and wear it under 1 or 2 layers of upper wear to keep you warm. A closed neck shirt, for example, worn under a long sleeved polo, can already protect you from the extra cold temperatures brought by the monsoon season.

  • Coordinate color and texture

Another tip to make sure your cold-weather attire looks magazine-ready – color coordinate! If you notice you’re already working with earth colors, stick to the palette when choosing other accessories. Try searching for the latest color palettesof the season on the internet to guide you further. It’s okay, though, to have one statement color like a bright red bag or blue scarfover a predominantly neutral ensemble, but don’t go rainbow unless you’re paid to clown for a child’s birthday party, okay?

It’s actually not bad to mix and match textures as well. A cream satin blouse, for example, would look interesting if partnered with a brown woven coat and tan leather boots. A denim jacket can also bring a boho vibe if worn over delicate lace and organza - materials you would normally wear only in summer.

  • No need to break the bank for fashion

Just as the hot and dry season will be looming ahead in the next couple of months, your cold and wet season outfits need not be always brand new. Sure you need to update your pieces once in a while, but learning out to bring them together into one coordinated look is the secret to staying fashionable, regardless of the weather.

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