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What to Wear on a Valentine’s Day Date

"Whatever your plan is on this special day of love, this holiday calls for feminine-flirty dressing! "
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaWhat to Wear on a Valentine’s Day Date

Going out on your first date this Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you just want to look your best on a girl’s night out?

Whatever your plan is on this special day of love, this holiday calls for feminine-flirty dressing! You’ll be seeing a lot of pinks and reds today so before you start panicking for what to wear, you need to decide on one thing first and foremost.

Do you want to embrace the occasion and go for “Valentine clothing”, or do you want to keep it low-key and classic? Here are some outfit suggestions based on what you decide:

Theme A: Celebrate V-day!

Let’s go with the flow and join the Valentine fun. Bring out all the pink and red garments from your closet and let’s see what we can come up with.

  • Dresses and skirts – if you’re the type who rarely wears a dress or a skirt, then this is the one of those special days you SHOULD wear them. A dress or a skirt brings out the lady in you. If you pick the right cut, this outfit should showcase your best attributes like your beautiful curves, shapely legs and glowing skin.
  • Cute prints – polka dots, hearts and flower prints also bring out the playful, girly side in you. This can set up the mood of your date to a more “relaxed and fun” night together, rather than the “seriously expecting” kind of evening.
  • Heels – stiletto heels can make you instantly feel slimmer and sexier. Your lower back and feet may not thank you later that evening, but you sure will have great pictures on your date. Choose open-toed heels or wedge-type shoes if you’re unsure you can last the whole night in pumps.
  • Red – it’s the color of the day, after all! Depending on the shade that flatters your skin tone the most – from the lightest pink to the bloodiest red – this color means you’re definitely open to show love and be loved back.

Theme B: Stay classy

You’re the type who wont get caught dead wearing red on February 14. If you just want to look extra fabulous on Valentines day without going overboard, choose classic yet feminine items to impress your date.

  • Curve-hugging – want your date to be the first of many to come? Make your first night out unforgettable with a curve-hugging top or dress. This can instantly bring out the sexy tigress in you, making you feel more confident throughout the evening.
  • Color – the LBD (“little black dress”) is great for most parties, but try to give it a rest this Valentine’s Day. Stay away from dead earth colors like brown or grey – these are probably great in the office, but won’t put you in the right mood for a V-day date. If pink or red is definitely out of the question, go for other feminine colors like coral, turquoise or other pastels.
  • Lace up – another detail that brings out the romantic side in you is lace. Even if you wear it with jeans, a lacy top matched with sexy heels is worthy of any fine dine restaurant your date can think of.
  • Some skin – no, this doesn’t mean you have to bear your chest for your date (and for the world) to see. Wearing a sleeveless or spaghetti strap top can reveal your flawless skin and already leave your date speechless. If your arms aren’t as heart stopping as your legs, opt to wear a skirt that reveals a little skin above the knees.

What you wear is what you get

Remember this when you’re picking out an outfit for a date. Your clothes reflect who you are and it tends to attract men who appreciate the type of women your clothes represent. 

For example, a man who is serious about love and relationship may find a sexy girl in a skimpy dress attractive but he might not think of her as someone he would be introducing to his mother the following day.  At the same time, a guy who’s seeking someone who’s fun to be with may not be attracted to a girl who dresses like an uptight librarian. You really have to think about the type of person you want to be around with before deciding what to wear.

Looking good makes you feel good

If you wear clothes that look good on you, you’ll naturally feel sexy and confident. This is regardless of brand or trend – for as long as the whole ensemble fits well and looks great when put together, you have a winning look for your date.

The opposite sex is ultimately drawn to people who are confident in their own skin, regardless of size or shape. In fact, if you know how to enhance your best features with clothes and accessories, you don’t have to go crazy trying to fit into a size 0. Just find that magic look that makes you feel sexy from within…everything else will follow!

Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck on your date! 

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