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Nature's Steps on How to Get Rid of Cellulite

"Cute dimples belong to faces—not in thighs and buttocks!"
By: Nikki Sarmiento GuevarraNature's Steps on How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cute dimples belong to faces—not in thighs and buttocks! If you have those cottage cheese-like adipose deposits giving a lumpy appearance down to your rear area, you are one of the 90% of women who has a problem of having cellulite. Although it can be manifested in both sexes, this condition is much more common in females which occur usually after puberty. Factors of having cellulites are: hormonal imbalance, genetics, diet, lifestyle and clothing.

The formation of cellulites starts when the fat beneath pushes against the connective tissues causing the skin above to pucker and looks wrinkled. This body response is normal and having cellulite is not a threat in one’s health. We would like to lessen, if not eliminate, the appearance of it because it is not visually enticing especially that summer season is fast approaching. With that, let’s tackle up ways to resolve your whims with your cellulite problems.

Natural ways on how to lessen cellulites

  • Dry brushing is commonly done to exfoliate dead skin cells resulting to smooth and blemish-free skin. With the proper procedure and right type of brush, another benefit of dry brushing is to minimize the appearance of cellulites by improving blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage, thus eliminates the toxic build-up present on the outer skin layer.
  • Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum) is known to burn fat due to its ability to heat up the body by improving blood circulation and enhance metabolism. Also, it aids eradicate bad skin cells and replace with healthy ones. Regular consumption of cayenne pepper may benefit to eradicate harmful toxins from the body thus lessen the appearance of cellulites.
  • Coffee grounds (Coffea arabica) - There is a reason why coffee is our favorite morning drink; it is to stimulate our senses, promotes blood circulation and has a bonus effect because it is an antioxidant which helps eliminate the harmful toxins in the body. With that, coffee is also considered to be a candidate to lessen the appearance of cellulites.
  • Apple cider vinegar (Malus domestica) - Testimonies about the health benefits of using apple cider vinegar are rampant nowadays.  Whether it is on the internet or in the old folkloric books of alternative medicine, it tells that the efficacy of apple cider vinegar can be applied in various illnesses.
  • Seaweed (Caulerpa lentillifera) is not only as an ingredient in our favorite seafood dish; but when applied topically, seaweed can reduce cellulites and improve skin texture by regulating the hormones which are associated with energy production and fat metabolism. This is due because it contains high amounts of iodine and other minerals necessary to induce metabolism and improve body temperature.
  • Essential oils - The important method of improving skin texture and improving the appearance of cellulites is through proper massage. Daily massages can break down fat deposits and aid eliminate toxins and stimulate blood circulation.

Having cellulites does not mean that we are unhealthy. We need fats to regulate our body temperature and it is also a source of energy if we are unable to sustain our body with food. But to live in the era that aesthetic appeal is a great impact in the society that we try to fit in, there is nothing wrong to erase some flaws from our body to boost one’s confidence and improve our well-being.

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