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Cosmetics Expiration Date: When are your beauty failing you?

"Your beauty has no expiration date, but your cosmetics do!"
By: Nikki Sarmiento GuevarraCosmetics Expiration Date: When are your beauty failing you?

Just like drugs, makeups also have expiration dates. Not knowing this, you will surely still continue to use your favorite eye shadow, doing more harm than good. The effects are not limited to the quality of the product if it becomes discolored, runny or lumpy, but also some skin conditions are caused by this serious dilemma that most of us are not aware of.

You may find that some cosmetic products do not have an expiration date printed on their packaging labels. For those which have manufacturing and best before details, we do not have problem with them because thetossing-it-out date is identified. But how do we know when to put into trash the products without stamped expiration date?

If something is off in your cosmetic’s color, consistency, smell or any sign that it has deteriorated, evidently shows that there is something wrong about it. Bacteria loves moist environment, so make sure that you check the water content of your cosmetics as it serves as medium for bacterial growth.  It is not cosmetics alone, but also on the tools that you use to apply makeup.  On the other hand, powdered form of cosmetics which are made up of little or no amount of moisture last the longest.

Extra caution on storage and handling must be exerted on cosmetics containing “natural extracts” for some of their active substances are easily degraded, and those that are “preservative-free” ones for they are more prone to microbial growth.

The following is aguide on when to toss your cosmetic products out:

Face Makeup

Throw-out time: 6 months for liquids; 2 years for powders


Throw-out time: 3 to 4 months

Eyeliner and Eye Shadow

Throw-out time: 3 months for liquid eyeliners; 6 months for cream eye shadows; 2 years for pencil eyeliners and powder eye shadows.

Lipstick and Lipliner

Throw-out time: 2 years for lipstick and gloss; 2 years and more for lipliner.

Nail Polish

Throw-out time: 12 months


Brushes: Wash every 2 to 3 months with a mild detergent.

Sponges: Wash weekly and discard monthly.

Remember that we invest on cosmetic products for their beneficial effects on us: to boost self-esteem and enhance your natural beauty, but if they’re past their expiration dates do not think twice and toss ‘em out!

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