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Wrinkled Up

"Two types of wrinkles"
By: Karen Lee Alabado, MDWrinkled Up

Every day we stare at our face in the mirror and one day, we gasp in horror as we see fine lines which have seemingly appeared overnight, usually around our eyes. Wrinkles? Wrinkles!

Don’t panic if you see these evil-looking lines. There are two types of wrinkles: static and dynamic.

1. Static wrinkles. Wrinkles which are there on your face without you changing your facial expression are static wrinkles. They are usually caused by the laxity of the skin which is associated with more mature skin. As we grow older, we lose the cushion of connective tissue under the skin and the skin starts to sag and these wrinkles are created. Outdoor exposure, gravity, and extreme weather conditions also play a factor. The first ones to appear are usually the fine lines under our eyes—on our eye bags. The skin here is very thin and it is usually the first to become lax because of gravity, creating fine lines which become more defined as we grow older. 

2. Dynamic wrinkles. Meanwhile, dynamic wrinkles are the ones created when we move the muscles on our face—when we smile, frown, talk, or put on any facial expressions. The movement or motion of the muscles makes the wrinkles appear, which are usually absent when we have a blank facial expression. Crow’s feet appear on the corners of our eyes as we smile, and furrows appear on our brow as we frown. These furrows look like the number 11 on the foreheads of people who frown a lot. Horizontal lines appear on our forehead especially in people who tend to use their eyebrows a lot in their facial expressions. Bunny lines appear on the nose in people who tend to crinkle their noses when they smile. Smokers tend to develop furrows around their lips. These wrinkles tend to be deeper and bigger than static wrinkles and only appear when the particular group of facial muscles is used. But when we always use the muscles that create these lines—like people who like reading the small fonts of their mobile phones without putting on their reading glasses—these dynamic wrinkles stay on our faces even if we are neither smiling nor frowning.

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