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What Do People Commonly Say about Natural Family Planning? Part 2

"More comments and commentary on NFP"
By: Megg Murff TrinidadWhat Do People Commonly Say about Natural Family Planning? Part 2

Following are some of the most common comments this author has heard about NFP, and some commentary for each.

“I don’t have time to chart.”

It is usually the first month or so of learning to chart one’s cycle that will take a bit of time—as with everything in life that needs to be learned. But the daily charting itself only takes literally a minute! Ovulation thermometers even have built-in memory that enables a woman to log in her day’s temp. And the husband can help out his wife. Some husbands wake their wives up at a set time every morning, stick the thermometer in their wife’s mouth, and chart the temperature reading afterwards. 

It actually takes more time (and money) to go to the drugstore every month to buy contraceptives or to line up at the doctor’s clinic for an injection.                          

And, at the end of the day, people find time for things that are important to them. With all the side effects being discovered about contraceptives, how important is it for couples to consider NFP as a method of planning for their families? 

“My doctor doesn’t believe in that.”

Sadly, many doctors are not updated about Natural Family Planning. But, it’s 2013! And truckloads of research on NFP are available online. Couples can empower themselves through self-education. In the same manner that more and more people now are researching about breastfeeding and vaccinations, they can likewise arm themselves with more information about NFP. If your doctor doesn’t “believe,” and therefore does not wish to help you, why not look for another doctor who is more open?

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