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Nail Care 101

"Tips for keeping healthy and beautiful nails"
By: Dona P. CoradoNail Care 101

Ridged, hanging, and dead nails are not only unattractive but also unhealthy. Aesthetic and wellness expert Dr. Rhoda Espino shares a number of ways to help one avoid these problems and keep nails clean and in tiptop shape.

· Cleaning your nails means making sure there is no dirt underneath. You can achieve this by regular and proper hand washing.

· Keep your feet clean and dry before wearing socks and/or shoes.

· Trim your nails to a length that will not hurt you. When you grow your nails long, they can actually injure you.

· Have manicure and pedicure once every two weeks. Let your nails “breathe” by having no-color days, especially if you like nail polish. This allows your nails to rest from the chemicals of nail polish and other nail cleaning agents.

· Don’t remove your cuticle because it is your nail’s protective barrier against bacteria.

· The key to keeping your nails healthy is to keep your body healthy from the inside. Unlike creams that strengthen only the surface of the nails, there are collagen supplements that take care of the whole formation and growth of the nails. And they are good for the hair and skin, too.

· People with nail problems are advised to take vitamin H or biotin. They can also increase their intake of green leafy vegetables particularly broccoli because these foods are rich in biotin.

· Who says exercise has nothing to do with nails? Exercise promotes good blood circulation so making it a regular habit would definitely help you achieve healthy nails.

Lastly, here’s an interesting fact: what’s the dirtiest finger? Dr. Rhoda Espino says it’s the thumb—because it’s the finger that people most often neglect to wash well.

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