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Scar Scare?

"Natural treatments for beautiful skin"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaScar Scare?

On a tight budget and can’t afford laser treatment? Good news is that there are several home remedies for scars that are not as expensive and are generally safe to use. Here are some natural ways to help to reduce the appearance of healed scars:

● Cucumber. Cucumber is not only great for eye bags, its juice can also be applied onto the scar to smoothen and lighten its appearance within just a few days. What makes cucumber so effective is the alkaloid that it contains, which helps boost production of new cells. To lighten the nasty appearance of scars, apply freshly extracted cucumber juice on the affected surface and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.

● Lemon. Lemon contains citric acid, which is a natural bleaching agent that can help make scars (and even skin blemishes) look lighter. Incidentally, citric acid also helps clean pores and keeps it away from infection. The vitamin C in lemon helps the body create more collagen, an important component of the wound healing process. To use lemon in reducing the appearance of scars, simply apply lemon juice on the affected area.

● Garlic. Garlic can be used to treat acne and the resulting scars that come after a breakout. Gently rub crushed fresh garlic on the skin with the breakout. It will cause a slight burning sensation so test it on a small area first before applying to the entire affected area.

● Vitamin E capsule. Apart from drinking supplements in capsule form, many swear by the effects of applying the oil from vitamin E capsules directly onto a healed scar several times daily.

● Aloe vera. It’s not only great for hair growth; it can also lessen the appearance of scars. Aloe vera juice, like lemons, can act as a natural skin bleacher. Simply apply it on the scar every night before going to bed.

● Green tea. Green tea is packed with antioxidants that hasten healing time. To help reduce the size of your scar, simply dab a small amount of green tea onto the new scar with a cotton swab then massage the area slowly.

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