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Prevent Weight Gain from Partying

"Minimize intake of the traditional pulutan"
By: James BarramedaPrevent Weight Gain from Partying

It is part of the Filipino culture—snacking in between sips of alcoholic beverages at parties. Finger foods like salty chips or meat-based viands such as sisig, crispy pata or chicharon are the favorite of Pinoy drinkers. These cocktail dishes can seem like a few harmless bites to you, but if you’re not mindful of what you put in your mouth, your calorie-count for the day can skyrocket without your noticing.

To control the unwanted weight gain, keep your intake of these snacks on the low side and munch on healthier options like sliced carrots, celery, apples, or grapes.

Go easy on the dips. Celery sticks can load up on calories if you dunk them in fatty and creamy sauces or dips. If you can’t enjoy finger food without dips, choose better options that provide the same extra taste without too much calories. Here are some suggested alternatives:

● Light mayonnaise. 2.76 or 3 grams of fat and 38 calories per tablespoon.

● Hummus. 1.29 grams of fat and 27 calories per tablespoon.

● Guacamole. 2.08 grams of fat and 23 calories per tablespoon.

● Reduced-calorie sour cream dip. 1.72 grams of fat and 22 calories per tablespoon.

● Salsa. only 0.03 grams of fat and 4 calories per tablespoon.

Contributing food or drinks that can be served to guests is always a good gesture to the host of the party. Bring a healthy platter of sliced fruits or other low-calorie appetizers like veggie sticks, oatmeal bars, lean meat cuts, or wheat crackers topped with tuna flakes. This ensures that you can eat something that isn’t too fattening while at the party.

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