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Managing Knee Pain

"Non-surgical and surgical methods to manage arthritis pain"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaManaging Knee Pain

It is important that you have yourself checked by a doctor if you feel swelling and pain in any of your joints. Your doctor should be able to prescribe treatment to manage your symptoms. Treatment for osteoarthritis can range from oral medication to invasive measures such as surgery. Here are some of the most popular non-pharmacologic pain control and prevention options you may consider:

●  Physical therapy. This employs a variety of massage techniques and exercises that aim to improve the joint's function and range of motion.

●  Massage therapy. With manipulation of the soft tissues using pressure, motion, and vibration, this type of therapy aims to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, relieve stress, and improve blood circulation so that the body can repair itself.

●  Chiropractic medicine. This involves manipulation of the spine to correct misalignment and relieve pressure build up on the spinal nerves. By relieving pressure on the nerves, your body will be able to heal itself better.

●  Arthroscopy. This involves the use of an instrument called an “arthroscope,” which is used so that the surgeon can examine, repair, and clean up damaged joint cartilage disc called “meniscus” without surgically opening up the joint. It is performed by making a small incision in the skin and underlying muscles and inserting the arthroscope in this opening.

●  Osteotomy. This method involves surgically sectioning the bone to repair a deformity caused by the uneven thinning of the knee cartilage on one side.

●  Total or partial knee replacement. If arthritis has become irreparable, total or partial knee replacement surgery can be considered by your doctor. This type of surgery removes part or the entire knee joint and replaces it with an implant made from either plastic or metal.

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