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Bringing You to Cloud 9

"The different services of a wellness spa"
By: Vanessa ValenzuelaBringing You to Cloud 9

There are many types of spa treatments offered in a typical establishment. The basic body massage alone can be categorized into several styles that loyal patrons can choose from. Here are the most popular spa services:

  1. Baths or soaks. Use of water in different temperatures that sometimes involve other herbal additions like herbs or salts. The example of baths would be hot tubs, sauna, steam baths, hot springs, and mud baths.
  2. Body wraps. Wrapping of the body with hot sheets or linens often combined herbal compounds.
  3. Facials. A procedure that involves facial skin cleansing, scrubbing, soaking with special creams or gels, massage and at times includes the elimination of deep-seeded dirt through the use of extracting equipment like vacuums.
  4. Massage. The kneading and rubbing of the body to promote blood circulation and muscle relaxation. The most common types include Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, aromatherapy, reflexology, and our very own version of massage—“hilot.”
  5. Aromatherapy. The use of aromatic essential oils and plant extracts in baths or massage to stimulate your sense of smell bring you into a more relaxed mood and state of mind.
  6. Nail care. The typical manicure and pedicure that used to be only available in salons can now be availed in many day spas.
  7. Slimming services. Many spas also offer services close to that offered by full blown dermatology clinics. Services that help you lose fat and weight such as Smart Lipo, Radiofrequency, and Mesotherapy are sometimes offered by the more prestigious spas.
  8. Body scrubs. The exfoliation of the skin with the use of salts, herbs, and other abrasive substances.
  9. Waxing. The removal of unwanted body hair with the use of heated or cool wax.
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