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The Medical City Antipolo Clinic
6 Circumferential Road, Brgy. Dalig, Cainta
Rizal, 1870

Website: www.themedicalcity.com
About The Medical City Antipolo Clinic
The Medical City (TMC) is a tertiary care hospital with over 40 years experience in hospital operation and administration. Its world-class health care complex serves some 40,000 in-patients and 400,000 out-patients annually. TMC has a medical staff of over 1,000 physicians who are established experts in their various fields of specialization. This core of professionals is complemented by a 2,200-strong human resource complement, engaged in allied medical, administrative and support services.

At the heart of TMC's service philosophy are new paradigms of hospital care addressing the entire continuum of health needs, and the patient as an equal, informed and empowered partner in the pursuit and preservation of health. TMC is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world's most prestigious accrediting body for international health care organizations.

To always be a leader in shaping how Filipinos think, feel and behave about their health, and how health services are accessed by and delivered to them, and to use such leadership to serve equity in health, life and development.

The pursuit of our vision is animated by a passion to always keep our patients on center stage and to deliver to them service of greater worth, engaging strategic partners who share our vision and passion, constantly proceeding from what we do best, and in the process of carrying these out, align the interest of our employees, our professional staff and our shareholders with the interest of those we serve.

Our Core Values
Excellent & Compassionate Service
We aspire to excellence and compassion in the provision of our services, achieving increasingly superior performance through organizational synergy and continuous innovation.

Client Partnership
We forge sustainable partnerships with enlightened and empowered clients and our patients, physicians and payors systematically creating opportunities for active engagement, informed participation, and shared accountability.

Primacy of the Human Resource
We invest in the personal and professional development of our staff, providing them with the requisite technology, capacity and voice to exercise their primacy as a resource in serving our customers and creating value for our shareholders.

We uphold personal and institutional integrity, consistently seeking alignment between the values that we espouse, and the strategies, decisions and actions that we pursue.

Rizza Lyn P. Santos, M.D.
Rehabilitation Medicine
MD since 2003
Rehabilitation of stroke, spinal cord injury, nontraumatic and traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, fractures and ligamentous injuries , arthritides, musculoskeletal pain and abnormalities, orthosis and prosthesis
Clinic Schedule
Monday1:00pm - 3:00pm
Saturday1:00pm - 5:00pm
Hiyasmine D. Mangubat, M.D.
Rehabilitation Medicine
MD since 2002
Clinic Schedule
Wednesday9:00am - 12:00nnWalk In
Thursday2:00pm - 4:00pmWalk In
Precious Lou T. Franco-Dueñas , M.D.
Obstetrics & Gynecology
MD since 2007
Clinic Schedule
Thursday3:00pm - 5:00pm
Friday10:00am - 12:00nn
Sunday8:00am - 12:00nn
Merlyn R. Monterozo-Bucsit, M.D.
MD since 2008
Clinic Schedule
Tuesday1:00pm - 3:00pmWalk In
Thursday1:00pm - 3:00pmWalk In
Sunday2:00pm - 4:00pmWalk In
Clinic Hours
Open Daily: 8:00 am-7:00 pm
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