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Medex Laboratories
270 N.Domingo St., Manila, Manila
Metro Manila

Tel Nos.: (632)721-3320, 721-1274
Fax No.: (632)721-1274  
Mobile No.: (63)0917-528-4241

About Medex Laboratories

Because of the rising cost of diagnostic equipment and the bothersome complications of dealing with Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), not to mention private insurance companies, the idea of MEDEX was born. MEDEX is, in short, a "health service center", a place designed to give the average person a means to quickly and reliably obtain needed health care information without having to fill out tedious forms or wait for appointments.

MEDEX was founded by professionals and is run by professionals. It's headed by a reputable clinico-anatomic pathologist Dr.Socorro Yanez. ( East Ave Medical Center, Laboratory Dept. Head and UERM Faculty ) A licensed doctor ( with medical technology background) sits on its Board of Directors and she (Dr. Rosablle S. Hao ) is also the Managing Director of MEDEX, who is herself in charge of the daily operations of the laboratory. She graduated Medical Technology and her Medicine degree from Far Eastern University. She finished her Internal Medicine residency program at Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center and soon after created MEDEX. The staff consists of a team of experienced Medical Technologists (Med Techs), all of whom have a minimum of five years experience in this field and have undergone vigorous (and continuous) training programs to ensure that they are updated and competent on the most recent techniques and procedures. MEDEX's laboratory is fully equipped with the latest in diagnostic equipment, most of which are equipment from Roche Phils Diagnostics. (Attached are the photo list of the equipment)

Since its opening in 1996, MEDEX has expanded its area of coverage to include provincial towns such as Laguna and Cavite. Plans are now underway to expand its operations nationwide.

MEDEX's accreditation's are numerous. Its client list includes (partial listing): Doctors of Makati Medical Center, Polymedic General Hospital( VRPMC ), Doctors of Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Medical City Center, St. Lukes Medical Center, Nationwide Health Systems Inc. Physicians Diagnostic Services Center, most of the Hospital and Clinics in Cavite area and many others

At present, MEDEX, conveniently located in San Juan, at 270 N.Domingo St., Pasadena San Juan City, is opened for walk-in service from 7:15 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon, six days a week (Mondays through Saturdays). Special arrangement for early service/appointment is available upon request. For those that prefers (or must have) home care, MEDEX also has a team of Home Care Specialists (HCS) that will visit patients at their convenience. Lastly, MEDEX has in its employ a fleet of messengers that will provide "pick-up" service for laboratories or clinics (including hospitals) that are not as fully equipped as it is.

In conclusion, MEDEX is fully equipped and is fast growing. MEDEX is proud to be one of a few laboratories that do not consign out to others tests that should be done in-house. The company can thus provide better quality control as well as speedier service - thereby increasing its overall effectiveness and reliability.

Company Philosophy

MEDEX, Medical Executive Check-Up Center, Inc., believes in service over all else. As part of that belief, the company is committed to providing clients with three guarantees: it will provide the friendliest, fastest and most reliable test results possible.

How it will fulfill the first two of those commitments can be summarized by the company slogan:

"Your very own personal laboratory and clinic!"

The motto is intended for the client to feel at ease with MEDEX. It conveys the idea that the lab and clinic belongs to them. The services offered are theirs, so of course they will receive the best and most discreet care possible. Also as owners, they have the convenience to make use of its services whenever they desire, no need for appointments or tedious paperwork's. To reinforce that image, the staff is trained to be efficient, attentive and courteous. They will pamper the clients from the time they call (either in person or on the phone) to the time they leave the clinic. More than that, the motto will give them an all around expectation, an expectation of personalized attention - which is what MEDEX is known for.

The last commitment mentioned above, is easily achieved by MEDEX's high standards of quality. From the hiring of its personnel, the tests performed, the techniques and reagents used, MEDEX demands the best. It will not accept second rate. In this competitive industry, excuses are for the followers not the leaders. This commitment is what makes MEDEX the industry leader in reliability.

Pricing Structure

One of the advantages of not being the largest in the industry is the flexibility obtained with regards to pricing. MEDEX's lower overhead and expenses makes its pricing structure more competitive - often times, it is even less than other similar sized operations. The idea that volume equates cheaper prices is not always true. To maintain affordability, one must sacrifice profit, but in light of the fact that one can better serve the general public, it is believe the sacrifice is well worth it! A sampling of area labs will confirm MEDEX's commitment to being affordable. In short, reliability, affordability and accessibility are the key ingredients that set MEDEX apart from the others.

The full range of services offered by MEDEX includes:

Clinical Service - a licensed doctor to give general advice and maintain the integrity of all in-house laboratory works.

Messenger Service - Motor biked couriers are assigned to scheduled routes six days a week. Most areas are visited by MEDEX daily or at least three times weekly. Special arrangements can be made to pick up specimens within one day's notice for those do not require a daily service from us.

Laboratory Works - By far the most extensive tests available. Completed by trained technicians using the latest equipment and the highest quality reagents. Times for the returns of test results are at par with industry averages or even better! The complete list of tests available is located in appendix A, at the back of this information packet

Executive Check-Up Packages - For the businessmen on the go. Comprehensive examinations tailored to meet the different needs and budgets of our fast paced society, an effective form of preventive maintenance.

Home Care Services - Trained technicians will visit patients not able to travel. This service is especially beneficial for the elderly or critically ill patients.

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