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Cordlife's One Blood: A Fight Against Leukemia
Cordlife Philippines in partnership with the Philippine Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine (PSMFM) has launched a national advocacy dubbed as One Blood: A Fight Against Leukemia at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Quezon City.
One Blood aims to create awareness about cord blood banking as an available treatment option for families who may need stem cell transplant. Under the advocacy, 10 babies will be chosen from families with histories of leukemia and other diseases treatable by cord blood stem cells. Free of charge, babies’ cord blood will be stored at the only DOH accredited private cord blood banking facility in the country located at UP-AyalaLand Technohub, Quezon City. They will be available to owners should they need stem cells to cure chronic blood diseases.
“Leukemia is the number one cause of child mortality in the country,” said Dr. Arvin Faundo, Cordlife medical director. Cord blood offers hope against leukemia as it has the youngest and naturally important stem cells that can replace and regenerate damaged or diseased bone marrows.
According to Dr. Allan Racho’s presentation, the first cord blood transplant in the Philippines was in 2005. Ms. Tan Poh Lan, COO of Cordlife Group Limited wants stem cell to be readily available to families who may need cord blood in the future. Mr. Mike Arnonobal,
CEO of Cordlife Philippines shared that they are looking in the future where all families will have access to their facility.
“OB-Gynecologists function not only as doctors but also as family counselors… to help families prepare for another pregnancy, to look for conditions that we can prevent and for those which we cannot, like familial leukemia, we help the families prepare for it,” stated Dr. Valerie Guinto, president of PSMFM.
It was also pointed out that doctors can do as much in disseminating the information about this technology but need the help of the community. Ms. Tan Poh Lan added that they wanted this advocacy to be a community project.
The event was also graced by celebrities who are Cordlife ambassadors such as Dimples Romana, Jolina Magdangal, Juris Fernandez, Isabel Oli, and Paolo Valenciano. Also present was the first One Blood recipient, the Lacanlale family, who lost their 2 kids from leukemia.
Cordlife Philippines has been in operation since 2010 under the Cordlife Group Limited, an international provider of the umbilical cord and cord lining services. They are also found in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and Indonesia.
To know more about One Blood, call Cordlife at (02) 3321888 or log on to
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