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Sour Wonder

"Different types of vinegar and their uses, plus some household tips!"
By: Nicole BautistaSour Wonder

● White vinegar. This is the common type of vinegar, usually made of grain-based ethanol. It may be too strong for cooking, but it’s great for making pickles and for cleaning.

● Apple cider vinegar. Made from apple cider, this vinegar has a fruity flavor and is delicious in salad and marinades.

● Wine vinegar. When wine ferments further, it turns into wine vinegar. It is usually aged for a few years in wood casks, to get a more complex flavor.

● Balsamic vinegar. A thick, sour-sweet vinegar, balsamic vinegar is aged for at least six years (and as much as 25) in wooden casks. Because production is a long process, only a few bottles of traditional balsamic vinegar make it to the market yearly that's why it’s expensive. But there is a commercially-made version, too. Balsamic is good with cheeses, salads, and sweet foods like fruits—and even gelato!

● Rice vinegar. Popular in Asia, rice vinegar is clear and has a delicate flavor. It goes well with sushi and noodle dishes.

● Cane vinegar. Common in the Philippines, sugar cane vinegar is light yellow and is similar to rice vinegar.

● Coconut vinegar. This has a sharp, acidic, and yeasty taste and is used in many Southeast Asian recipes.

Vinegar is a good option for cleaning without chemicals. Don’t worry about the smell; it will go away when the vinegar evaporates. Use it to:

● Remove coffee stains from cups by filling the cup with vinegar overnight and washing it out the next day with hot water and soap.

● Eliminate odors from used jars by rinsing them with vinegar.

● Remove the persistent smell from a plastic lunch box by soaking a paper napkin in vinegar and letting it sit inside the covered box overnight.

● Clean food-stained pots and pans by filling them with vinegar and letting it sit for 30 minutes before washing out with hot soapy water.

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